Vanilla and Lavender …they had crushes on the good-looking boys and would laugh and joke with their friends…

A village. A people. A journey.
The extraordinary adventure of two little girls whose love
is stronger than any power.

Witches of the Light have the power to create. They can make things appear out of nothing, but they can’t make them disappear. They can change ugliness into beauty and beauty into the marvellous. But never the other way round.

Lilium Martagon: The Village Blacksmith

Titch was the nickname of Robin Windflower, the smallest of the group, tiny as a little bird.

Butomus Rush:
The Conjuring Cobbler

…an ex-exception, that’s to say the exception to the exception to the rule: “If two twin sisters are not perfect twins, then they can inherit witchiness.”

Billy Rye: He protests as soon as something doesn’t go the way he wants and he is always ready to plunge into the most perilous adventures.

Fairy Oak was a lovely village. The stone houses had verandas and gardens full of flowers, protected by walls covered with brambles and wild roses.

Vanilla and Lavender:
…they were two adorable girls.
And, sighfulsigh, absolutely normal.
At least that what’s
I thought until the three thousand eight hundred
and eighty-eighth evening…

Acanti Bugle was one of the twins’ best friends, a very polite boy, studious, funny, and generous.
He wore thick glasses, had a lisp, his fingers were always ink stained…

Meum is a learned Wizard of the Light who is a little grumpy and, owing to his age, also a bit deaf.

Twin children cannot inherit magic powers. Rider b – article Abc section D n° 23.5+6-1 of the Rules of Magic

Joe Shuanmà:
The school janitor

Light and Dark, one
power creates, the other
destroys. United and opposite, they are
inseparable, neither good
nor bad, both necessary, like day and night…

When a Witch of the Light gets angry she’s capable of incinerating you, only to apologize afterwards (because Witches of the Light are kind), but afterwards.

Lilac Tomelilla was the most famous and respected witch of all time, and for me she was a legend. She had received three Golden Plumes for courage and goodness plus the most important awards for discoveries in the field of magic.

It is laid down that the magic powers of wizards and witches are transmitted solely and exclusively by uncles and aunts to nephews and nieces.
Article Abc section D n° 23.5+6-1 of the Rules of Magic.

Vanilla and Lavender: On the same day that Vanilla and Lavender reveal their powers, an old enemy falls on Greenvale…

Everyone thought that it was a really good thing that Cherry wasn’t a witch: with that awful character of hers, she would have been a danger to the entire community!

Flox Pollimon:
She loves colours, all of them, without distinction, and since she thinks they’re all beautiful, she mixes them without worrying about matching them and the more colours she wears, the happier she is.

Shirley was a very pretty girl, with a cloud of red hair framing her round face, completely covered in freckles, and big shining eyes black as liquorice mints. She had a smile for everyone and she was always accompanied by a little mouse and a good-natured dog...

Lavender had been different from birth: the colour of her hair, the restless, rebellious look, her familiarity with the night, her determination, her passion for animals that usually frighten people, spiders, owls.

Grisam Burdock:
the wizard with the blue eyes that Vanilla liked so much!

…yet Vanilla and Lavender still behaved like Nonmagical girls. They would get up late, especially Lavender, make a fuss about dressing and always give a kiss to everyone before leaving.

This story is dedicated to friendship, the kind that – wherever you turn – is always right in front of you. And sometimes it leaves bruises, not only on the skin either….

Vanilla and Lavender...
At school they unfailingly argued with Cherry Spleenwort (take a fairy’s word for it, it was impossible not to!)…

Primula Pull: The Best Dressmaker in the Village

Each of us looked after young wizards and witches to be.
Mine were called Vanilla and Lavender.
They were Lilac Tomelilla’s nieces, the daughters of her sister Dahlia Periwinkle.